Current Read: A Hopeless Romantic

by Harriet Evans

This is the warm and enchanting new novel from the author of “Going Home”. Laura Foster is a hopeless romantic. Her friends know it, her parents know it – even she acknowledges it. What’s wrong with seeing the world through rose-tinted spectacles, even if she is about to turn thirty and aware it’s the one thing that consistently gets her into trouble? But even Laura is forced to accept that having an affair with someone else’s boyfriend, full of passion and danger as it is, becomes sordid after a while. And when Dan doesn’t leave Amy, but instead leaves her, her world falls apart. She swears off men, and particularly off foolish romantic fantasies of any kind. Desperately unhappy and heartbroken, she flees to Norfok and a family holiday. There, she meets prickly but kind Nick, a gardener at the local stately home. Despite her vow, she finds herself thawing a little – at least to be friends with him. Until she discovers that he, too, has lied to her – Nick is the Marquis, not the gardener, and offers all her romantic fantasies on a plate. But Laura is having none of it – neither the foolish dreams (she’s just a nice middle-class girl, after all) nor men’s deceptions of her. Can Nick melt her frozen heart and revive the hopeless romantic?


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