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Book Review: Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn

Book Review Reincarnation


My 58th book this year.

Reincarnation started from the prehistoric times and extended up to the modern era, the love between these lovers ran across the space of time. It started with a fight in a cave over a green jewel, and then went through the times of the Egyptian pharaohs, Greek temples, Massachusetts witch trial, battlefields during the Civil war, Paris before the World War II, America in the 60s and lastly, a pair of modern day teen-agers.

I took a chance with this book because I love stories about reincarnation – I find it interesting on how two lost souls finally found each other and live happily ever after. But I end up frustrated and disappointed. I seldom read young adult novels, I carefully choose the subject of which to read. Though the concept of this book is perfect, yet the author ruined a perfectly good concept. I will always think twice if I wanted to read another book about reincarnation.

Usually, I can finish a short book – especially one that interests me in a day or less. But this one took me more than a week. Yes, this is one of the worst books I ever read, the story is redundant and it didn’t seem to end. Not to mention that the ending is very anticlimactic! It would have been good if she settled for just two stories rather than going through history. No, I wouldn’t recommend Reincarnation to friends who’s like to read a short, good book.